Design Articles

A Macbook, an iPad and an iPhone representing various mobile internet devices.

Is there a difference between a mobile website and responsive design?

With the whole world now going seriously mobile the need to have a compatible mobile browser safe site is becoming of paramount importance. Not only for attracting people to your brand but also delivering quick and simple touch screen activated functionality to the end-user. The speed of the page that loads on your mobile device and the rapid progression through pages make mobile websites & responsive design a definite plus for all online businesses.

Marketing Articles

A picture demonstrating a website domain strategy.

New top level domain names and their SEO implications

There's one thing that all of us have to go through when we are creating a new website and that is choosing the correct domain name. It is so important to choose the right domain for your site. Something that your customers are going to remember off the top of their head, something that looks professional, and most importantly something that suits your website. Not only do you have to consider this, however; there's also the issue of whether your chosen URL is taken, or even whether your URL could mislead potential customers.