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Mediatopia is a digital media agency with an expanded range of improved marketing and website design services.

Mediatopia has a team of digital media specialists who are experts in website design, development and search engine optimisation. Not only do we create websites and run multiple marketing campaign solutions, but we also offer our services to many different activities.

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Use our web design services to:
Enhance Corproate Branding
Is your company or corporate logo looking a bit stale, and do you want it brought up to date?
Create a website review
Lots of ideas, but not sure where to begin. Let’s have a meeting to discuss this!
Storyboard content strategy
Do you need to drive search engine traffic through your site to the buying or landing page?
Write mesmerizing copy
Need SEO-rich content or want to explain a service or product in detail?
Shoot great photography
Stock images not doing it for you? Hire us for half a day and see the difference!
Increase visitor conversions
Sometimes a redesign, clearer copy, or a site restructure is all that is needed.

Content Writing Service

Having written hundreds of websites’ copy, we understand how to make your wording stand out whilst adhering to all the on-page search engine optimisation rules.

One to one with company director
Understanding what your company does is key.
Presentation of features & benefits
Writing a clear distinction about your services.
Storyboard wording to lead customers
Take customers to the desired location.

Managed Email Hosting Service

Are you looking for a professionally managed email service with fanatical support and remote desktop assistance? We configure all of your PCs, Tablets & Phones using IMAP4.

Professionally managed service
Speak to an in-house operative.
Access your email home or away
Online webmail for clients on the move.
Complete email spam elimination
Settings are configured on a per-user basis.

Email Newsletter Design & Set-up

Has your business considered reaching more potential clients for your services and products? Email marketing could get your business more relevant leads.

Professionally designed e-shots
You will be able to reuse our email templates.
Email marketing account set-up
We set up your account and import all your emails.
Monthly send, monitoring and reporting
We can manage on your behalf, or you can!
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International E-commerce

We know how to get your business found on international search engines, directories and other resources creating a global presence for your business, including sourcing & procuring international TLDs for optimal SEO & brand protection.

Internationalise Website Content
Localizing content to a particular country.
The practical design of the website
Visual usability of the UI for the best possible UX.
Which international products to target
Understand what is trending in which country.
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Branding & Logo Design

We understand how vital your company branding is to your customers, and we are prepared to help small, medium & large businesses develop a professional identity.

Make a great first impression
Ensure customers will remember who you are.
Build trust with your customers
Good use of colours and typefaces gives confidence.
Create motivation amongst employees
A strong brand influences others.

Search Engine Optimisation

We know how to get your website’s search engine visibility. Using the correct schematic markup from well-developed websites to an ongoing campaign will build relevant links to your landing pages.

Drive customers to landing pages
Keyword-optimised pages receive lots of traffic.
Reduce Pay Per Click cost
Increase profit using organic SEO.
Increase website page speed
Faster loading mobile websites rank the highest.

Video Presentations

We can create innovative intro videos for your website; video intros can be used to present your products and services or convey a simple message!

Increase websites dwell-time
Videos keep customers on your site for longer.
Use video to connect to your audience
Build trust with consumers for your brand.
Stand out from your competition
Start making use of this powerful marketing tool.
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Web Consulting

Duncan (Owner of Mediatopia )has over 17,000 hours of web experience and has helped hundreds of companies with their digital decision-making process. Do you need help?

Help choosing which web platform to use?
Do you need a bespoke system or off the shelf?
How do I make my site SEO friendly?
From on-page SEO techniques to online training.
Responsive or mobile-friendly website?
It depends on the purpose of the website.

Web Design

Our sites are always designed to work. They are branded to appeal to your market sector, and we know what we are doing with over 3000 projects under our belt. Like everything in life, you pay for what you get and won’t be disappointed!

All our sites are professionally designed
We are the originators of UX (User Experience).
We get your website found on Google
Websites optimised for the appropriate keywords.
Sites are developed using the latest code
We create sites using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Web Development

We create bespoke software for various applications, from direct debit software to bespoke frameworks. We have the experience to program any solution.

Are you looking for a new web shop?
We build bespoke e-commerce sites.
Need to sync your site with accounts?
We develop sites to work with Sage & Xero.
Sites are developed using the latest code
We create sites using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Web Hosting

Our consistently low prices and industry-renowned 24/7 UK support distinguish us from the competition. All of our websites and web application platforms are hosted and managed in-house.

Our hosting platform is load balanced
Using custom-designed multi-gigabit balancers.
Security provided by Juniper and Cisco
Security consists of industry-standard firewalls.
Bandwidth allocated dep. on size of site
Fast-loading web pages that appear on internet.

Website Photography

Is your website losing its appeal because of badly shot imagery? A well-shot image is worth a thousand words. Please enquire about our affordable photography service today.

Pro photographers take the best pics
They plan out the image and take the best shot.
Image quality sells products and services
Site buying decisions are based on image quality.
Own the image copyright
Perfect for using the imagery on social media.
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