Sage 50 Accounting Integration Services For E-Commerce Websites

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Sage Accounts Integration & E-commerce

Sage compatibility for small and medium-sized businesses that have a website with e-commerce options (e.g. online ordering and online selling). If you are thinking about implementing an e-commerce solution will find this a useful resource for integrating Sage 50 Accounts with an e-commerce website, saving time, resources & ultimately keeping running costs low!

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Some Benefits of Combining Sage with an E-commerce Website

Product Sync

Batch upload multiple products at the touch of a button, Update existing products by SKU or Product Code, Upload name, SKU, description, price, stock and images.

Stock Level Sync

Synchronise stock levels between Sage Online 50 and your e-commerce website. Can be set to run automatically and is a lot faster than full product information upload.

Auto Customer Creation

New account customers making purchases on your e-commerce website are created automatically on your Sage accounts package, no re-keying of data required.

Customer Specific Pricing

Choose from a variety of data including individual customer pricing, customer discounts, filter customers by discount or price group.

Sales Forecasts & Analysis

Create data lists based on your annual web sales, a forecast for the upcoming year, analyse different departments, categories and product listings.

Invoice Automation

When a customer purchases a product, the system will automatically update Sage and your website and send the client an invoice breakdown.

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What does integrating Sage into your ecommerce website mean?

For this explanation, we are referring to the coordination of e-commerce systems and back office processes. It means that information from both systems is accessible from one location or database.

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Sage integration refers to programming Sage accounting software into your website. By combining Sage into your site, you will automate all of the sales, product changing and order processes. Ultimately saving thousands of pounds in administrative duties and giving business owners more time to concentrate on more important elements of their business.

Do you use Sage 50 & have an e-commerce website?

Nearly every business in the U.K has some form of an accounting system; Sage 50 is by far the most popular system with Sage being the top software company year on year based on annual revenue.

If you own an e-commerce website and make hundreds of sales each month, then you have had experience with reconciling your sales data. The reconciliations may consist of adding new customer accounts to your sage software, tying invoices against customer accounts, updating product lists, updating product prices and then re-keying data on your website.

Surely there must be an easier option? There is and that is by getting your website integrated with your Sage accounts package. Each and every manual process that you are doing each month or each week can be developed into your website, creating an end to end automated solution that will save you hundreds of man hours every month.

Total Back Office Integration No re-keying of data Seamless management of stock items Auto-population of all orders from website to Sage Increase efficiency Process orders quickly Maximum design flexibility Replicate exact business structure
Key Features Catalogue unlimited product quantities Admin panel to organise: departments, product variants, promotions, prices Real-time customer registration submission to accounts Real-time user login authentication & price group retrieval Real-time product price & stock level retrieval Real-time sales order processing, with submission & validation Scheduled product & data updates