About Mediatopia, who we are and what we stand for!

Working at Mediatopia

Why choose Mediatopia's services?Undoubtedly we make the best websites.

Our clients include some of the best-known businesses in the South West of England including companies like Sparks Transport, Prolift Access, Towens Group, Sarah Hodge and S.Morris. Having spent the last 15 years working with some of the most prominent small & medium sized companies in the United Kingdom, all we want is a lasting business relationship and to be the company who helped you succeed online!

Working on an iPad

Who are we?Just a couple of knowledgeable chaps!

Established in August 2010, Mediatopia was born out of pure love for digital craftsmanship and the desire to make quality interactive websites. We are a small and close-knit agile team of talented, creative individuals that are passionately driven to deliver world-class digital experiences for anybody who commissions us to build their online solution.

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What do we do?Provide on-going guidance and support.

90% of our customers have been with us for over ten years. We provide hosting and marketing services at reasonable costs to our clients with regular updates. We go above and beyond the norm. Reachable 24/7, we look after our customer base as if they were family. We think good customer support is vital. Ultimately we make our clients happy and prosper online.

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Crucial members of our web development team

A DEDICATED Team, to help support & guide your business online
M.D & Founder

Duncan Maund

Duncan eats, breathes and sleeps online marketing and web design. He always dreamt in his younger years of owning and running an advertising agency and that dream kind of came true!

With over 15 years experience in online marketing, design and sales, Duncan is a web visionary and leads Mediatopia with passion and unwavering enthusiasm.

  • Online Marketing
  • Responsive Web Design & HTML5
  • Business Consultant
  • User Experience
  • Content Management Systems
Developer & Evangelist

Geoff Hammond

Geoff started off his career working for an IT firm fixing and building PC's and dealing with technical support infrastructures and systems. He has an appetite for code and programming and loves problem-solving the toughest digital enigmas.

Geoff is in charge of running the servers and the uber-technical runnings of the company, setting up software and systems, he is one of the brains behind WebGuru, Our proprietary Content Management System.

  • Software Architecture
  • Systems Administration
  • Research & Development
  • Technical Documentation
  • Customer Support
Web Development & Client Support Manager

Martyn Howe

Since leaving University Martyn has worked for Mediatopia, Geoff trained Martyn to work with our internal systems and Martyn was taught the basic principles of web design and programming.

Martyn has been working for Mediatopia for over four years while travelling the world. At Mediatopia, we believe that creativity should not be locked away in an office but allowed to develop while experiencing what life has to offer!

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • PHP
  • jQuery
  • Symfony
Head of Search

Jason Joyce

Jason has been working in and around the web most of his working life (since the dawn of the internet), working for some of the biggest design agencies, providing web development but specialising in search engine optimisation.

Specialising in PPC (Pay Per Click) and organic SEO, Jayce looks after all the online marketing for our clients; he has a wealth of knowledge about keywords whether negative or long-tail.

  • Pay Per Click/Adwords
  • Keyword Optimisation
  • Organic Back-linking
  • Keyword Research
  • Conversion Optimisation
"There is nothing you cannot achieve with time, attention and effort."
- James Shelton