Custom database development services for business

Tailored to exact requirement

From understanding how you currently operate your business and what business software you use we can formulate a technical specification that will list the different development phases of work we need to carry out.

Fully manageable by client

Depending on your computer knowledge, we can develop a simple or advanced user-interface that will allow for primary or granular control of the functionality we develop. It just depends on how advanced your computer knowledge is.

Mediatopia designs and develops customized database solutions for business.

With an experienced team of computer programmers, we can help your company out of the 'dark ages' and build an entirely scalable solution that will speed up repetitive business administrative tasks. We create custom computerised data-processing systems that help a wide variety of companies who cannot find an off-the-shelf solution to fit their needs.

Our database software solutions are efficient, flexible and reliable!

Custom Development

No matter how involved the brief we will be able to provide a solution to whatever problems you are currently facing, all explained to you in simple layman's terms.

Solid Structured Framework

Depending on the type of project we will use the right coding language. We can create responsive, mobile and tablet frameworks for an end to end solution.

Standard Coding Guidelines

Depending on the type of project we will use the right coding language. Every part of the programme written will follow best practices, methods, and conventions.

Full On-going Scalability

All of our custom database development is created using a framework that will allow your system to grow with your business thus saving extra costs in redevelopment.

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Custom databases can be developed to improve business processes

Intranet Systems

Streamline your office with an in-house online web-based admin tool. View relevant company documents, staff documentation, calendars, timetables, sales information.

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Customer Relationship Management

CRM systems can improve the way that your business interacts with your clients providing an efficient way to organise and automate communication with sales/marketing, customer service, and customer support.

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A tailor-made web-forum

What types of databases have we built?

We have a broad range of programming knowledge and have developed numerous custom database systems. A few examples of our work listed below.

  • Custom Search Tools
  • Membership Management System
  • Direct Debit Systems
  • Custom Map System Search
  • Business Process Management Tools
  • Intranet Database
  • 3rd Party System Integrations
  • Web Forums
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Our Content Management System (CMS) - WebGuru.

We have been building bespoke website solutions for over decade. A few examples of complex functionality we have developed into WebGuru.

  • Membership Management
  • E-commerce Product and Payment Functions
  • Course Booking System
  • Bespoke Form Builder
  • Email Integration
  • Estate Agency Auto-Property Synchronization
  • Clever content design widgets
  • Dynamic Website Visitor Statistics
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Bespoke CMS database development

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Simplify your business life with custom-made technology?

Does your small business still use out-dated methods when it comes to internal business administration and sales processes? From spreadsheets to whiteboards and folders full of paperwork?

A custom-built database can improve your business in many different ways and need not be as expensive as you may think!

Sometimes an off the shelf product can prove very tough to understand and administer and the look and feel can be exceedingly complicated which will end up frustrating you.

The easiest software systems to use are always the systems that have been developed specifically to solve exact problems rather than using a software system that has far too many features and requires too much effort and training.

By developing a simple user interface, Mediatopia can help your business grow. When your company processes diversify, simple updates to your software can be implemented. By having customised software that performs functions specially made for your business, running your business will become easier, you will save money on staff wages, and your operational efficiency will increase ten-fold! So why are you waiting? Contact us today and speak to one of our digital specialists!

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