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We understand how important your company branding is to your prospective customers, and we are prepared to help small, medium & large businesses develop a professional identity

Is your business logo losing its appeal?

Don't underestimate the importance of your corporate identity in the success of your company. A simple way to judge the impact of proper branding is to look at the most successful firms in the world. From the simple swoosh of Nike to the great gold M of McDonald's; a logo that has been designed and engineered can be instantly recognisable.

  • Make a great first impression
  • Stand apart from your competitors
  • Build trust with your customers
  • Make your company memorable
  • Create motivation amongst employees
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A few business logo designs

Take a look at some our favourite logos we have designed during the last 10 years

Stunning Corporate Branding


Logo Typography

The Mediatopia team are experts at selecting the right fonts, typefaces, point size, line length and letter spacing when it comes to designing your corporate brand identity. Having developed many websites using an array of different web editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Fireworks we have much knowledge when it comes to designing logos. We understand which fonts and colours look best together and can even conjure up advertising tag-lines to make your logo stand out amongst the noise of your competitors.

Logo Colour

The colour of a logo plays a significant role in the conception of web design. Some exquisite colour combinations look amazing and pleasing to the eye and you will see many companies choose colours that are very close to their competitors. We try and use colours that will make your logo stand out from your rivals, giving your business a unique look and feel. The use of colours can have different meanings depending on the type of industry sector. We try multiple combinations of colour on each of the designs we present to you, hopefully making you question why?

Competitor Research

Our highly skilled team use a range of methodologies, giving valuable insights into the procuration of each and every logo concept. Our design team use background research to gain a greater understanding of your target market, understand the product or service that your brand offers and what type of logo will have the biggest impact.

Our Logo Design Process to Help your Business Get Off The Ground

We use a professional design revision process

The Mediatopia logo designs process

After an initial pricing and order placement, we send you our logo questionnaire that you will need to fill in. On completion, our graphic artist will begin researching your company, as well as some of your competitors to formulate custom design ideas for your logo. We will then draught 3 to 6 logo designs that will all look completely different from each other and sent via PDF for approval.
You then review and choose the font and the colours from each logo, you can mix and match colours or fonts that are depicted in the designs or you can ask us to try other fonts and colours. We usually do not put a limit on the amount of design revisions that you ask for. we will further develop and revise the logo design using your guidance and suggestions.
When you are satisfied with the colour, logo and typography, the custom logo design will be again submitted to you, the owner, for any minor changes, after which our team will work on developing the final product. Lastly, when all the revisions are completed, your logo design files will be submitted through email as a zip file or sent to you on a disc.