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Responsive website design improves visitor
conversions & mobile
search results

Responsive web design looks good on all types of mobile & tablet devices - these websites are mobile-friendly!

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Fingers demonstrating to how to manipulate a responsive web design layout

Responsive Layout

Responsive web design allows your customers to view and interact with your business website on all mobile and tablet devices.

Fingers demonstrating how to touch and swipe a dynamic style website

Touch & Swipe

Responsive Design (RWD) looks beautiful & ultra-sharp on retina screen displays. Retina icons, images, fonts & all others graphics are optimised.

Fingers demonstrating how easy it is to navigate a responsive web design

Easy Navigation

Mediatopia design optimised content widgets that are completely customizable that allow your content marketing department to get creative.

A responsive design on an iPhone of a Bristol business.

Responsive Web Designers

Our websites scale beautifully to different devices.

Over 80% of the U.K population now use their mobile phones & tablets to browse and shop the internet and search for services using Google. If you are a business owner and have a website, the next logical step for you to take is to make your website responsive. Take a look at some of our responsive web design examples.

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Google Ranking Boost

By having a responsive website, you will get more traffic from Google mobile search!

Retina Ready Graphics

All of our responsive designs use eye-catching graphics optimised for mobile devices.

Powerful Performance

We developed WebGuru so that it is completely customizable and all of our websites load in under a second.

Mobile-Friendly design looks beautiful on all displays.

A browser showing a product website An iPad showing a product website

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Parallax Style Websites

Lead your website traffic on an interactive adventure through well-structured content and call to action functionality using parallax scrolling effects.

parallax design

Mobile & Tablet Websites

With billions of searches being performed every day on Google by mobile phones and tablets, surely a mobile website design is the next logical step for your business?

mobile design

Web Design Consulting

Mediatopia’s web design consultants have been advising business owners on the best course of action to take regarding online platforms for over a decade.

web design consulting

Why Is Responsive Web Design Crucial For Bristol Business?

These websites developed correctly have an optimised layout for PC monitors, mobile phones and tablets.

We at Mediatopia are expert responsive web designers. A responsive website should be your first choice when thinking about updating or redesigning your website. A responsive website design built properly will receive a boosting rank from Google and enable your business more visibility on the search engines.

More and more companies are making the progression from their conventionally built websites over to a mobile-friendly platform. It makes sense to think about your online strategy seriously, as the internet is evolving and technology for smart internet based devices is only going to increase.

At Mediatopia, we help small and medium-sized businesses understand why the need to upgrade to a responsive web design is so important and how it can increase the number of visits received from search engine traffic.

If you have a business and want more information, find out what are the benefits of responsive web design.

Laptop showing a content management system

Responsive web design looks great on all types of screen

With 62% of adults in the U.K owning a smartphone and 29% of UK adults owning a tablet, making your business website responsive should be a top priority. These figures are only going to increase in the future.

A Bristol based e-commerce style responsive web design business

Responsive websites rank higher on Google

Google's official blog states that "we plan to roll out several ranking changes shortly that address sites that were misconfigured incorrectly for smartphone users." Meaning that sites that are not optimised will be penalised and lose position (On Mobile Google).

iPhone and iPad showing screen adaptive style website software

Responsive websites make content management much easier

If you had multiple sites for different web platforms, e.g., one for mobiles, one for tablets and built with various screen resolutions having to update, your websites must be a real chore! By having a responsive website, you can consolidate all of your websites into one design making changing your content a breeze and having one website that looks great in all resolutions.

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