Mobile & Tablet Website Design Solutions For Business

Optimize your website for tablet and mobile devices.

With billions of searches being performed every day on Google by mobile phones and tablets, surely a mobile web design is the next logical step for your business?

An iPad and an iPhone displaying an example of mobile design

User Experience

All of our mobile websites are designed and developed with your customer in mind. From designing clear navigation to fast loading pages.

Content Strategy

We make the best use of your screen, implementing (CTA) call-to-action links that take your customer to the desired location is key to high conversions.

Mobile Search Marketing

We make sure your mobile website shows up in search results. We design and develop to Google's strict SEO guidelines, from formatting to GEO targeting.

Fluid Mobile Web Development

Our websites look great on tablets as well

Mediatopia has the knowledge and experience when it comes to designing and developing websites for mobile and tablet devices. As a matter of fact, we were one of the first web design companies in the U.K to start implementing mobile and tablet commercial websites from as early as 2010.

The web has evolved massively since then and now everyone is buzzing about responsive web design. However, mobile and tablet design holds a unique place in the online market as a very viable solution for many businesses. Using different mobile devices a company can display different content to the end user.

We design & develop custom mobile sites for business

Below is a list of features we have developed for our clients

Online Reservations

Professional online booking solution ideal for all types of hotels, restaurants, automotive and property industries. Can be used for any business that requires online booking reservations.

Maps/Contact Info

We use a variety of different maps and contact mobile design and mobile development content solutions, for quick and easy click to call contact options for your customers.

Bespoke Business Forms

From bespoke questionnaires to business forms, our web forms can be used by your customers or your staff to send sensitive data. Ideal for sales teams to use when on-site visiting clients.

Coupons/Discount Codes

An excellent way of marketing to your customers and directing them to your mobile website to receive discounts on your products and services integrate with your desktop website.

Social Media Feeds

Seamless integrations with any of your social media accounts to attract the attention of your customers, get likes and shares on your unique content, excellent for building social buzz for your brand.

Shopping Cart

Shopping cart software integrated into your mobile website to sell your products and services, easy to navigate product lists. Your customers can use their mobile device to purchase your products.

Mobile Web Strategy|Design|Development|Testing Process

Samsung S3 mobile phone showing a variety of mobile website design
Mobile Web Strategy
  • Understand Client Need
  • UI Wireframe
  • Plan & Implementation
  • Correct Marketing Strategy
Samsung S3 mobile phone displaying a variety of mobile web design
Mobile Web Design
  • Experts in Object-C & Java
  • High-end Mobile Design
  • iPhone/Android/Blackberry
  • Usability & UX
Samsung S3 mobile phone displaying a variety of mobile website design
Mobile Development
  • Clever Website Integrations
  • Ecommerce Functionality
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • Full-Cycle Service
Samsung S3 mobile phone displaying a variety of mobile web design
Mobile Testing
  • Cross Platform Testing
  • OS Compatibility Testing
  • Deployment & Feedback
  • Bug Reporting
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