Sarah Hodge Hair & Beauty Salon Website Design

Sarah Hodge Hair Salon website design on iMac
Sarah Hodge mobile website iPhone & iPad
Sarah Hodge mobile website on multiple hand-held devices
Sarah Hodge mobile website on 2 iphones
  • Launched: February 2013
  • Sector: Hairdressing Chain
  • Platform: Static HTML
  • Client: Sarah Hodge

Project: Hair Salon Website Design for Sarah Hodge

The Sarah Hodge Hairdressing Group is the most prominent hairdressing & beauty chain in the South West, UK. They have several branches and are a team of leading hairstylists with many industries leading awards.

Having been a client for nearly ten years, we have always kept their brand updated, and always create a cutting-edge hair salon website design with the latest technology. We have also spent a lot of time teaching their staff the importance of social media.

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