Tesa Wildlife Charity Style Website Design UK Case Study

TESA Wildlife charity style website design UK iPad view
TESA Wildlife charity website design agency iPhone view
TESA Wildlife responsive web design on multiple screens

Charity Style Website Design UK Project Info:

Mediatopia is a charity web design agency and first heard about this charity style business through a friend, who is a professional photographer. He had met the founder, Angie Goody, at an event in London and asked us if we would like to get involved in creating a new website. We jumped at the opportunity as we are always very keen to use our creative skills to help humanitarian causes. If it meant that our efforts would assist in saving rhinos from extinction, then we would take on the project.

We set about conjuring up a new charity website design look and feel that we felt would immediately grab people's attention and developed a responsive web design complete with a shop for purchasing merchandise. With the feedback from Angie, we believe that we have contributed to a worthwhile cause. If anyone is reading this would like to donate to 'Help Save Rhinos From Extinction & Poachers' then click this link and donate to a worthwhile cause!

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