International E-commerce Solutions to start selling your products abroad

International E-commerce Overview

International Digital Marketing Step-By-Step Guide:
International e-commerce business strategy

Business Analysis

Create a meeting with a UKTI representative who can advise about international export & trade activities.

E-commerce website audit

Website Audit

Arrange an ECR consultant to come to your business and carry out an export communications review.

Pc monitor and mobile device

Practical Design

Involves visual usability of the User-Interface, planning for the best possible User Experience.

Global map

International Web Strategy

Sourcing & procuring international TLDs for optimal SEO & brand protection & monitoring website activity.

Social web presence

Worldwide Web Presence

Getting found in general search engines, international directories, and resources to create an international presence.

Web content strategy

Internationalize Web Content

Structuring pages, implementing Blogs, Social media, videos, email marketing and localizing content to the particular country.

International SEO targeting

International SEO Promotion

Organic optimization of pages, specific keyword/phrase targeting, competitor research, metadata enhancement to kick-start your business.

Graph display

International Implementation

Know which metrics to analyze, what goals/funnels to set up, what is trending in which country & understand which products to sell where.

Monitoring plan

Plan International Monitoring

Which tools to use to monitor statistics, countries viewing your pages, most viewed pages & products, modern devices - what needs changing and why?

Website Recommendations

A few pointers to market your website internationally:

Decide on your international web strategy

The first thing you need to consider is in which foreign country are you going to try and market your business. To understand what is the best country to target you need to have done your research about the product or service you are offering. Make sure that there is a marketplace for your product/service in that country? Is your product/service unique or is there competition? Is there sufficient need in that country for your product/service. Before starting to sell your product/service, you need to get a well qualified international marketer to carry out a variety of analytical marketing trends. Revealing whether or not the country you are thinking of targeting is viable and lucrative from the standpoint that your product/service is in need.

Structure your international domain strategy

Now that you are thinking about marketing your products abroad, you need to start thinking about which would be the best domain extensions to purchase. You need to be thinking about investing in a variety of international domain names to protect your brand, your company name and relevant trademarks that you may hold. Ideally looking for a domain name that has your primary keyword in the name will also help and also looking at local country specific domains. Yes, this can be quite a costly exercise, and that is why you need to think and plan carefully before making any hasty decisions. There are other implications to think about such as where to host the domain as there will be strong SEO implications attached to domains hosted in particular countries.

Promote your website internationally in other languages

How do you make your site successful when marketing abroad? Firstly you need to get your website translated into the desired language. Secondly you need to hire an expert SEO company in that country to optimize your website for the local search engines. Researching language based keywords is also crucial as there will be different language terminology used - for example if you are targeting Spain then you need to think about the Spanish language from Spain and Spanish from Latin-America. You will also need to update all of your on-page content such as filenames, image filenames, and video filenames.

International Ecommerce Recommendations

Has your website been coded correctly? Not all sites can be marketed immediately in foreign countries. Believe it or not, there are a right way and a wrong way to go about getting your site found on the local search engines in a respective country. Each page on your site needs to be coded in a certain way so that it adheres to the basic design, marketing and development principles. At Mediatopia, we know how to code your website correctly so that it adheres to these principles. If you are seriously thinking about marketing your products abroad, you will need to have a website audit by The Foreign & Commonwealth Office Department For Business. Trained in a variety of principles, they will create an Export Communications Review for you.