Reasons to have a mobile website design

Mobile Web design and why it is essential for your business.

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According to recent research, almost 100 percent of human beings own mobile phones. They carry around these gadgets everywhere that they go and use them to research on almost everything that they do. As a marketer, this should tell you that this is an audience that is too large to ignore. Additionally, smartphones sell more than computers, and the average time spent researching products on a mobile device is 4 minutes compared to the 1 minute average time spent online on a PC. If you sell goods and services, you are likely to sell more if you include mobile web design in your strategy. Mobile Web design is the next logical step for business owners!

Why get a mobile website design expert?

There are many reasons why mobile design helps a business grow as compared to the online experience. To start with, when you hire a mobile website design expert, you will reach a larger audience than apps. Apps are a smart marketing strategy. However, the fact that you have to make an app for every platform that you are targeting makes apps hard work. People use mobile Web more regularly than they use mobile apps, hence the need to consider mobile Web design. The sooner you, as a marketer, learn to improve and optimise your site for mobile, not forgetting to hire a mobile website design expert, the faster you will get more clients.

Secondly, smartphone traffic will increase the overall traffic that leads to your site. A new research has shown that on average 4000 new smartphone gadgets activate every passing day. When you consider mobile website design, you will be tapping into this expanding smartphone market. As a result, traffic to your site will increase. Remember, you must only hire an expert in mobile website design.

Thirdly, everyone is going mobile. In 2010, use of mobile phones to surf the Internet and get reviews on products had more than doubled. The number has been increasing every year since then. Consumers love the convenience of carrying their source of information about their favourite products wherever they go. Projections have shown that mobile Web would outdo desktop Web by 2014. This prediction is coming to pass because, by 2012, 34 percent of people used the desktop to research on their favourite products, while over 80 percent used a mobile device. So, do you consider mobile web design to be relevant?

The next and most important reason you should consider mobile website design is that even if you do not go mobile, your competitors will most definitely do. Meaning that they will have an edge over you, and your profitability will lessen. After all, mobile Web design is not a costly affair.

All these factors are an indication that if you are still using the regular website, you are locking out many businesses. There is nothing that all consumers hate more than getting pages that are not adaptable to the mobile phone when trying to access their favourite online shop or product comparison site. An attractive, working mobile Web design process is, therefore, essential.

Selecting the right Company to develop your mobile website

We have already established the fact that going mobile is a hot trend right now, and that you should do it as soon as possible so that your company can start making gains from it. You are now mumbling, “I need to design my mobile website now”. Let's be realistic, not many people can develop their mobile site alone. Only an expert can create your mobile site. However, you should be careful about whom you give the design work. Companies such as Mediatopia can create your mobile website around you business processes.

  • Mediatopia knows what it takes to design a mobile website so that it works as part of your marketing strategy.
  • At Mediatopia, we are committed so that you get the best mobile website design that suits all your e-commerce online shopping needs.
  • All you need to do is contact us and give us a rough idea for us to develop your mobile website or fill out our web design quote form.

When it comes to mobile web design, Mediatopia is your best choice. So, contact the Mediatopia experts today, and let us develop your mobile website if you want to stay ahead of your competitors!

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