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Image of an A.I Robotic arm pointing at touch-screen enabled glass.

SEO Tips & Tricks 2018

This marketing article will cover all of the SEO advice and implementations that should be performed on your websites for 2018. Rankbrain is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) machine learning system that Google developed to help sort out their search results.

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A browser window showing that the website is using HTTPS

Updating your website to HTTPS

When looking for ways to secure your business and protect it from harm, you should also think about your website. These days, your website will be a target, and any security flaws present there will be exploited to the detriment not only of your business but potentially your customers too.

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A browser showing schema markup and structured data

How to boost your SEO using Schema Markup

The use of structured data can help your website in many ways, but the one impact that many business owners are most interested in right now is the SEO impact. Read on and learn more about structured data and its benefits.

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A blackboard with a drawing of all the different search engine optimisation guidelines.

How to Implement the best SEO strategy for 2017

Search engine optimisation is an important aspect of every website and needs consistent implementation if you want to keep up with your competition.

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A picture demonstrating a website domain strategy.

New top level domain names and their SEO implications

There's one thing that all of us have to go through when we are creating a new website and that is choosing the correct domain name. It is so important to choose the right domain for your site.

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