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A browser window showing that the website is using HTTPS

Updating your website to HTTPS

When looking for ways to secure your business and protect it from harm, you should also think about your website. These days, your website will be a target, and any security flaws present there will be exploited to the detriment not only of your business but potentially your customers too.

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A Google Beacon and an instruction manual.

How can Google Beacon benefit my business?

Google is introducing a new type of device that aims to help businesses that own a physical location. The idea is to make it easier for businesses to mark a physical location, but there are also some interesting interactions that you can take advantage of thanks to this unique new technology.

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A large picture of an eye representing someone trying to hack your online website.

Tips to protect your website from getting hacked

Are you precious about your website security? Uncertain about what preventative measures you can take to impede hackers from taking down your website or accessing online supposedly secure files and data?

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Multiple computer devices showing a screen of a content management system

open source vs proprietary cms, which is the best to use?

In this day and age, it is important that your business has a website. More and more people are favouring online shopping to going to shops, and filling out online forms instead of ringing the company.

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